My favourite pastime: soaking in mineral springs. Preferably with glass of favourite bubbly in hand and a charcuterie plate.. But I’m not picky.

I appear to have less and less time on my hands of late, though I’d love to, I can’t drop everything to head off to my favourite day spa for some viewlaxation soak time, so I began hunting for something that could give me some down time in my own home.

In one of my adventures down the Instagram rabbit hole, I came across Bodyrock. Handcrafted from local certified organic ingredients, Bodyrock Scrubs bring natural skin care products to those invested in living clean.

Active Gold Coast couple Azzi and Rocky formulated a unique scrub that not only promotes premium skin health, but nourishes the body from the outside-in. Unlike other scrubs on the market, Bodyrock also targets sports-related recovery such as muscle repair, inflammation reduction, relaxation and soothing general aches and pains.

All Bodyrock products are hand crafted, each batch is made in small amounts and extensively tested prior to packaging to ensure a 100% quality product. In addition to this, Bodyrock are proud to support their local businesses by sourcing all the natural ingredients from reputable, Australian certified, organic wholesalers.

Having worked in the Beauty and Fashion industry, I’ve tried so many body soaks and scrubs in my life that I’ve lost count, however Bodyrock has earned a special place in my memory.

First things first, they’re certified organic. There are loads of products on the market claiming to be organic, but this is the read deal. Celtic Sea Salt, Magnesium, Almond, Rosemary, Ginger root, and lime essential oil just to name a few. All organic, all glorious.

They can be used in two different ways, as a soak to draw toxins and heavy metals from the skin, soothe aching muscles and to hydrate dry skin and assist in the prevention of dry skin conditions and of course to ease stress and promote relaxation. Ideal to do just before slipping into bed.
Or, you can use as a scrub for a deep cleanse and exfoliate, to concentrate on problem areas or to simply give yourself a pep-up before the day (or night) begins.

Whether you’re using one of these beauties to soak or scrub, (I did both with ‘The Original’ and the ‘Recharge’), they are deliciously scented and instantly put you in a positive frame of mind. My skin felt ridiculously smooth, hydrated and supple and my aching legs were all but a memory. In short, they make you feel (and smell) fabulous, they don’t cost the earth (bonus, in both the environment and your pocket) AND they are doing you good without you even realising it.

Find them at or Instagram @bodyrock_scrub

Bodyrock Scrubs

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