*Gasp* Yeah I can say it, because I am one.

Growing up with a European family, being underfed was never an issue. Wake up on visit to Aunty and Uncle’s house and you were met with cured meats, pickled everything and a wide selection of homemade pastry delights. All by 10 am.

My vice was the powdered doughnuts, or krafne, as they’re known in Croatian tongue, gosh I love those things.

Katiža, you so skinny, here eat, eat

I would hear “Katiža, you so skinny, here eat, eat” and I would be pretty much force-fed until they were satisfied I put on a kilo on the spot.

Sadly, these days, most of that beautiful family has passed, but I now have my own little brood with whom I share a similar ethnic degustation lifestyle that I had as a child.

So really, is it any wonder I married an ex chef and my backyard is full of edible plants? Nah. It’s not just my backyard though. My family and friends could probably survive a zombie apocalypse with all the food we grow. No one visits without giving or taking something home. Not only is it wonderful to give or receive a gift, that gift is homegrown, a wholefood that has no extra little nasties unlike many of the imported produce we find in our Supermarkets today.

If you’re not quite the green thumb or you don’t have a backyard to plant out, start small with a herb pot or tomato plant. I still have several dwarf citrus that I have carted around with me in my renting days that yield a pretty magnificent crop!

Sretno! (Good luck!)

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Creative Director and all-round nice bird. I love 80's soft rock power ballads and consuming grape flavoured treats.

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