Aloha from gluten free land! While it’s not quite Hawaii {that’d be nice though wouldn’t it?} it is a land different and far from where most people live. Reading labels, quizzing wait staff and chefs are a regular part of our life. Without which, many days can be lost to overwhelming fatigue and pain.

It was a gorgeous Wednesday afternoon, the sun shining warmly down on us. A beautiful day for a family adventure to the big city. The real purpose of the trip was to pick up some supplies for our backyard veggie garden, but thats a story for another day. I’d read about a {relatively} new gluten free cafe open in South Yarra. The baby was happy, the new car needed running in so we thought why not? Let’s take a little detour on the way home via South Yarra.

A short drive then a brief stroll to the cafe lead us to a window that was decked out with cakes and sweets of all shapes and sizes. Cakes, cheesecakes, macarons, tarts, … more sweet treats than our gluten free minds can comprehend. Entering the cafe we came to another cabinet filled with sausage rolls, foccacias, wraps, lasagnas, calzones to name but a few. On the other side is shelves filled with bread, pizza bases, foccacias and other gluten free fare. Is it possible? Could this unicorn really exist?

cafe latte

The cafe, while small, is not uncomfortably so. Upon receiving the menu we were again filled with wonder. There, in all its green glory, were three pages of food for us to choose from. Not one or two things across three pages, all three pages are dedicated to gluten free fare. {We later found out that there was nothing in the place that wasn’t gluten free … bless}.

Being souvlaki lovers from way back there was no choice. Two {no longer mythical} chicken souvlakis please! It has been years since we’ve been able to indulge in the hangover food choice of millions {no hangover today however}.

gluten free souvlaki

The other menu options are the common foods that you miss once you’re gluten free. Chicken parma, pancakes, bruschetta, breads and dip and wraps to name a few.

Our meals arrived and they were oh so good. We were both impressed, the wrap was both soft and crispy and the chicken delicately seasoned. A meal we’ll gladly repeat sooner rather than later.

Although full, we couldn’t help but raid the dessert cabinet on the way out. Chocolate and lemon tarts and some macarons came home with us – making for a very sweet dinner.

gluten free macarons

Another addition to our take home booty were some pizza bases. Pizza may even outrank the souvas as our all time faves so we were beyond impressed with the quality of the bases. They’re quite thick as far as gluten free pizza bases go, they stayed soft inside and were crispy outside. Best gluten free pizzas we’ve made. Ever.

Being gluten free for a few years, you come to appreciate someone making the effort to provide quality replicas of standard menu options.  While not the type of foods we’ll eat every day, its a nostalgic experience for us. A flashback to a time where choosing food was simple – maybe not completely healthy, but it was definitely simple.

Thank you to Safe House Gluten Free cafe for a wonderful meal and for providing delicious gluten free options to Melbourne.

If you’re interested in checking out Safe House Gluten Free Cafe you can find them at 217 Commercial Road South Yarra. Phone 03 9826 6162, or on Facebook.

Whats you’re favourite gluten free recipe you wish you could get in a restaurant or cafe? Share in the comments.


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