What kind of music gets your earbones rattling? Soft Rock? Country? Electro Pop or Acid House? We sit down for a quick Q & A with Khaiden Cori to pick his brain on being a DJ.

When did your interest in DJing first begin?

My interest in DJing first came to be when I turned 18 and entered the clubbing scene. Seeing those people up there in the booth having such a fun time while doing what they love was really amazing to see, I thought about putting myself in that position and it just gave me an instant smile.

Who are your influences?

Hmmm…. well first of all I would say another local DJ, ‘KRFTD’ was the first person who actually gave me a shot at DJing live and having a go at producing. Next would have to be WIll Sparks. I think his music production is insane, each one of his tracks has the ability to make people dance in a different way and i just love the synths he uses, they just grab you and you can’t stop yourself from moving.

What’s your music style?

My music style would have to be Melbourne Bounce. When I’m in my studio and I just nail that Bounce synth, it just makes you start moving and wanting to jump – what an insane feeling to get from a sound!

It’s a great feeling when you play your own track out and people love it and are jumping to it… it is just …WOW … I did that. I gave people that same feeling.

Best gig you’ve performed at?

Best gig i have performed … Ohh that’s a tough one, as each one of my gigs offers something new in the way of the crowd and what they want to hear, but I think I would have to say when I played New Years Eve at ROJO in Echuca, Victoria, it was an insanely packed night, everyone was loving it, it got that packed that by 10:15pm we were able to start playing Melbourne bounce.

Dream gig?

Stereosonic. Straight up. To be able to play in the BIGGEST EDM Music festival in Australia would be the ultimate for me.

Where do you think is electronic music moving to in the future?

I think electronic music IS the future, think back to when it was all singers with acoustic instruments, now a huge percentage of the tracks on commercial radio are EDM (electronic dance music) tracks.

Do you think there is adequate support for new DJ’s entering the industry?

Yes and no. Unfortunately it can be a fairly harsh industry and to start off in it you really need to know people in order to get that first club gig. But I think if you have the talent and you have nailed that first gig, your name will start to filter around and you will get a few more gigs.

I think if you’re going to become a DJ that lasts longer than a few years, you need to have the ability to produce. If you can get big with a track and promote at your local, you can push that residency further.

What are your thoughts on the ‘authenticity’ in music being lost when there are no physical instruments?

I have this discussion with people quite often, if you sat down and watched say Reece Low make a track for example, you would see that not only does it take a great amount of hours to produce the track, artists these days are making incredible tracks out of the strangest ideas; the latest one I’ve seen, was a guy with hair clippers shave off a portion of his hair, record the sound it made and then turn it into a track.

Favourite track?

Too many to name, but some I play quite regularly are Will Sparks- Psycho, Bourne & This Is What The Bounce Is.

Up and comers we should keep our eye on?

I would highly recommend people to go to Soundcloud and search. Some favourites on my list are: KRFTD, Nerdy, Haber, Faure, Santy C and Alwaze.

Where can we find you?

On Facebook or Soundcloud

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