Green your home with air plants

This is a special guest post from Karri of The Planter Pod.

Twelve months ago I decided I wanted some greenery in my house. But with a black thumb, how was this possible?

Indoor plants? I kill them. Succulents? I kill them. Faux plants? Uh … nope. I also have two toddlers and a dog so nothing could sit safely at ground level. Things weren’t looking good.

Air Plants

Enter air plants – sweet little plants that don’t need soil. A quick mist and some light and you have greenery!

Now we’re not talking about those sad stuck-to-a-rock plants from tacky gift shops. I’m talking about gorgeous little plants available in a wide variety of interesting shapes and colours. You can pop them in a miniature garden, display them on a shelf, stick them to the fridge or even hang them from the ceiling!

Air plants, or tillandsia as they’re also known, grow very slowly – which is a good thing. You get to enjoy their flowers for weeks and they will fit your display vessel for a long time.

They’re so hardy that if you neglect them (like I often do) they are slow to fade, giving you time to make amends. Unlike the more traditional indoor plants, which seem to punish you if you’re a day late in watering them.

More reasons to love air plants:

  •  You can go on holidays for weeks and they’ll be fine.
  • They come in many shapes and sizes.
  • They’re a bit random and will change colour (often to hot pink and purple), flower and return to green.
  • They produce pups which you can leave attached to form clumps or pinch off to make a new plant.
  • They are so tough you can even send them in the post.

Air plants are the next big thing. They’re huge overseas but finding them in Australia can still be a bit tricky – particularly if you are from WA, NT or TAS.

Air Plants

I’ve not found any other gift that would be happily received by a three year old girl, a fourteen year old boy and your grandma. Air plants and miniature air plant gardens are child friendly, way cool, interesting and a great talking point.

I now have air plant gardens dotted throughout my house. They are hanging from shelves, housed in macramé hangers and a few are just sitting pretty on the buffet. My house is full of greenery thanks to these gorgeous little legends. I’m a black thumb no more!

Karri from The Planter Pod makes miniature air plant sand gardens, inspired by the Australian coast and bush. Check them out at Facebook or Instagram.

Thanks to Karri for sharing her love for air plants with us. Have a look at the photos, aren’t they just divine? Which is your favourite?