We’re excited to bring to you our beautiful, fun, creative, entertaining and inspiring brainchild – LUPO Magazine. Over the past few months we’ve been working on ideas for LUPO and thinking about what we’d like LUPO to become. It’s an exciting process that has lead us down the winding road of creativity. Creating and developing ideas from anywhere and everywhere, we hope to bring you many interesting and inspiring stories. And if you have a story you’d like to share with us please feel free to drop us a line to editor@lupomagazine.com.au

In the spirit of sharing, here are Kat and Ky having a chat about what inspires them ….

What is LUPO?

Kat: Lupo is a smash of our personalities delivered in pretty imagery and awesome words.

Ky: Lupo is creativity and style, and all the things we love about life.

What inspires you?

Kat: My family. Colour, music and scent.

Ky: Photography, radio, the internet. And my family inspires me to follow my heart.

What are your special interests?

Kat: Photography, art, food, styling, study, music, my young family and my garden.

Ky: Healthy living, cooking, growing food, photography and always learning something new.

3 favourite things right now?

Kat: Photography, styling and relaxing in the sunshine.

Ky: Fermented foods especially my own homemade Kimchi, photography, watching my baby as she learns new things.

Describe yourself in 5 words

Kat: Friendly, funny, perfectionist, trustworthy, gypsy.

Ky: Motivated, friendly, introverted, perfectionist, learning.

Words you live by

Kat: Don’t lose today worrying about yesterday.

Ky: Examine your daily activities for value. If there’s none, lose the activity for something that contributes to your happiness, goals and dreams. If you work smart, you can do it.

Favourite place in the world and why?

Kat: I’m my husband’s arms. Awwwwwwwww. Why? Because there I feel completely safe and calm.

Ky: Anywhere with my family, they’re my centre and my support.

Where would you like to travel?

Kat: Morocco

Ky: Prague, France, Canada

What would be on the soundtrack to your life?

Kat: Copious amounts of Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks, Dire Straits, Steely Dan, America, Rolling Stones, Eagles, AC/DC.

Ky: Amanda Palmer, Rise against, Infected Mushroom, Boccherini, JJJ Hottest 100s (most of), Bon Jovi.

What does success look like for you?

Kat: Having a happy and healthy life with my family and friends.

Ky: Being happy with my life, and excited to get up each morning.

Whats the biggest issue you see these days?

Kat: Bullying.

Ky: Health and the destruction food choices are making to health and happiness.

Favourite saying?

Kat: “Not my monkey, not my circus.” & “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans”
Ky: “Be here now” Being a worrier I need reminding to be present in the moment and not in the future… or the past.
“Not my circus, not my monkeys” This is one I have to tell myself. I like to help, but I need to remind myself that everyone is responsible for the consequences of their actions.

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About The Author

Ky has a love for pop culture, geekery, beautiful photography, fantasy fiction, meeting people and hearing their stories and eating well. When she's not creating and curating content for LUPO, you can find her on instagram, pinterest, on her website (www.kyhanson.com.au), or writing non-LUPO thoughts over at www.indiecreative.com.au.

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