Relaxing and reconnecting in Apollo Bay

Hello from Apollo Bay. It’s winter and we’re at the beach, but there’s just something about the beach isn’t there? It just makes you feel calm.

The salty ocean air clears the nose. The crashing waves remind you of how small and insignificant you really are, and provide a rhythmic, relaxing soundtrack for your nights. Snuggling on the couch with a movie and the wee one with no guilt. Not thinking of all the washing I should be doing, or the mess in the back room. It’s just us.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time staring out the window, watching the waves roll in and crash on the shore. I’ve watched the swimmers and the paddle boarders and wondered why they’re in the freezing cold water. What must they get out of it? Is it about the exercise? Is there something else that I can’t possibly understand?  (If you’re a cold water ocean swimmer or paddle boarder please let me know.)


It can be so hard to ignore ‘all the things’ and concentrate on what matters, can’t it? The busy and the doing gets in the way. We forget that it’s each other we need to be thinking about and working on. Not the cleaning or Youtube, but each other. Enough of the gushy, airy fairy stuff and on to the details …


Apollo Bay is a beautiful little town located on the winding Great Ocean Road. It’s a little isolated, but very beautiful. Surrounded by rolling green hills and rainforest, bordered by the ocean on the other side you can’t help but feel the tranquility. That there is something more to life than just being busy.

For the foodies, there are a number of restaurants (some with gluten free offerings for those of you that need it). There is the local fisherman’s co-op – offering fresh, locally caught seafood.

For the adventurous types there are the Twelve Apostles, the Otway Fly, the Cape Otway Lighthouse, the Redwood Forest – the scale of which is truly humbling, various walks and waterfalls to experience and admire.


If you’re looking for serenity, sitting and watching the waves roll in has it in spades. Remember to bring the  guided meditations if you need them – my favourites are by Tara Brach.

For a beautiful destination to get away to, think about visiting Apollo Bay. The locals are friendly and the scenery beautiful. It’s our favourite place to get away, to reconnect and to find our passion for life.

Where’s your favourite destination to get away from the stresses of life?