Amanda Palmer’s ‘The Art of Asking’

I learned when I was young that I didn’t like to be criticised. It equated to disapproval. I’m sure many of you can relate. Wanting to know that what I was doing was ‘right’.  Over the years I’ve always admired people who have the ability to do what they want, what makes them happy without seeking the approval of others. One person in particular has been my shining beacon of courage in a fearful world, Amanda Palmer.

In chronological order, Amanda is the eight-foot bride, half of the punk caberet duo the Dresden Dolls, master tweeter, solo musician and entertainer, TED speaker, Kickstarter record holder, author, and so much more.

Amanda’s book “The Art of Asking or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let People Help” is an inspiring manifesto. It’s a journey of learning to ask for help. Her fans love her for sharing her philosophy of trust and vulnerability that permeates everything she does and every ‘thing’ she puts out into the world.

The book, like her music, reveals her scars. It’s about rethinking your ideas and beliefs, there is more than one way of being. Her heart is open to the world and it’s pain. Unlike so many she doesn’t hide from it, hoping for a better day. It’s about opening yourself and sharing you with the world. In courageously sharing your work and passions, you can create a happier world to live in.

Amanda is creating a world of trust, vulnerability and connection. I’d much rather live there than the world of the selfish, ego-filled, violent and mistrustful.

Hi. I’m Ky. LUPO is a ‘thing’ I’m putting out there. Into the world. I’m petrified every time I post an article I’ve written, photographed or created. I’m putting a bunch of stuff into the big wide world; my writing, my photography, the things I like. Every ‘thing’ I send out into the world has the potential to be criticised and trolled.

Being vulnerable and trusting is hard. But, I’ll do it any way.

Is there one thing (be it person, book, music or something else) who has intrinsically changed you, who has taken everything you believe and turned it upside down? Share in the comments.