An ode to cherry tomatoes

Each year, the end of summer brings with it a much welcomed glut of cherry tomatoes from our garden.

These large, unruly plants tell us that our time together is nearing an end for another year, by offering branches drooping with red fruit. We’ve been eating them for months, but now there are so many that we can’t keep up and I’m a little bit into preserving, I love the flavours and textures you get when you do something a little different with your home grown produce.

This year I have a dehydrator so they’re going to become crispy little ‘red lollies’ as my 3 year old calls them. I wrote a fun little ode to our dear friends, the humble, cherry tomato.

An ode to cherry tomatoes

My dearest tiny tomatoes
You shine brilliantly in the morning sun
The rays filtering through your beautiful leaves
Your branches full of lush fruit
Enticing with your rosy glow

You happily sit on the bench
Waiting to be sliced
Chatting away in little groups of three or four

You sit in the dehydrator
Looking a little shrivelly
But still happy

You come together with some olive oil
To rest a while

Before joining us for a meal together
See you again next year my tiny friends <3

What’s your favourite dried tomato recipe?