Live an inspired, adventurous and passionate life.

LUPO’s name is the collaboration of two little girls – cousins in fact! Lucija and Poppy. These two little girls have mamas who enjoy making their world a beautiful creative place for them to grow up.

With our backgrounds in print, media and design, LUPO magazine was born so the we could continue to surround ourselves with amazing people, compelling stories, beautiful photography, inspiring videos and creativity of all measures.

LUPO is about sharing ideas, celebrating people and finding your passion. It’s about opening the world through snapshots of the inspiring, the new, the different, the creative and the fun things that you may otherwise miss.

In the busy-ness of the everyday we sometimes forget that we only get one chance at this life, and it’s up to us to make it everything we want it to be. LUPO is about living an inspired, adventurous and passionate life.

We’d love to hear about what you’re passionate about? Is it art, music, cooking, friends, family, travel, making … there are so many things that can make your heart sing.

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