Making your own personalised Christmas baubles is super easy and loads of fun for the kiddies. Each member of the family can create their own colourful bauble to put on the tree AND it’s fun for big kids too!

Christmas Baubles DIY

You’ll need

  • Clear plastic baubles from your local craft shop
  • Glitter in whichever colour you like
  • Aerosol adhesive (or hairspray in my case as it’s a little more kid friendly)


1. Spray inside of bauble with adhesive and roll it around for even coverage – please do this in a well-ventilated area if you opt for the aerosol adhesive and always supervise children.

2. Tip desired glitters in and “shake it like a polaroid pictureeee!”

3. Set aside to dry for 1 hour.

Voila! Handmade Christmas tree ornaments to hang out every year.

For the crafty grown up, why not try add all matter of pretties like dried flowers, coloured beads or even confetti? And instead of a clear bauble, used light bulbs with the contents removed can look fantastic.

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