The Planter Pod: Air plant terrariums

Recently I had the pleasure of catching up with an old friend for a yarn about her creative talents. Karri from The Planter Pod is a whiz at creating beautifully styled air plant terrariums (called planter pods) and she’s a master of knots, creating intricate macramé pieces.

How did you come up with the idea for your planter pods?

I’m absolutely hopeless at keeping indoor plants alive so I wanted to give air plants a try (if I could keep them alive – anyone could). Air plants are so amazing – they require no soil and can just live on your shelf with just a spray of water every now and again!

The ones I use throw beautiful flowers at random times and their foliage changes colour. I had been following the air plant trend overseas before trying to source some locally but had heaps of trouble finding them so I knew there was space in the market.

I also love terrariums and wanted to combine the two but keep them really low maintenance and unique so I decided to use sand, rocks, gumnuts and shells instead of the usual soil, succulents and mosses.


How do you come up with your designs?

I live on the Bellarine Peninsula but grew up in Central Victoria so I draw my inspiration from both the coast and the bush. I love using rocks which remind me of the goldfields. It’s really important for me to be gentle on the environment.

I don’t forage or use any animal products or corals and only use sustainably sourced shells, sand and rocks. My packaging is also recyclable.

Where would you most like to see your pods?

I’d love to see them used at a wedding. I wish I’d had them at mine!

How many pods do you have decorating your home?

I have 4 hanging pods, 5 hangers, a few air plant wall features and a huge pod (about 33cm high) that is my fave. I can also have up to 30 pods lining every spare surface waiting for delivery!


Macrame is another of your talents, how did you get into it?

Pretty much the same thing – I saw macramé hangers on Pinterest and wanted one but I couldn’t find them anywhere so had to make one!

I started experimenting with different knots and cords and decided to add them to my pod range after receiving such positive feedback.

I love to dabble in different crafts but this one has stuck. It’s very cathartic. I also have two young children and it’s very forgiving since I often have to make them in bits and pieces!

Besides your hangers what different macrame projects have you made?

I’ve made a few wall hangings and I’ve just released a new range of air plant macramé wall features.


Who or what inspires you?

For my beach air pods it’s the Australian coast and bush. For macramé, it’s old macramé books. I follow overseas trends on Pinterest and local trends on Instagram.

What crafts/hobbies did you do as a kid?

My mum is a very crafty person so I was lucky enough to have access to a lot of different crafts. I remember hooking rugs, sewing little bags on the sewing machine, cross stitching, knitting and crocheting.

Who is your creative hero?

Absolutely my aunty who has filled my house with her creations! The painstaking needlework on the wall hangings, the screen printed pillows and tea towels and the amazing antique lace bedspread she gave us as a wedding gift, are daily reminders of her love and talent.

What’s your daily philosophy?

My daily philosophy is ‘balance’.

5 favourite things right now?

  • My children and husband’s laughter
  • Croatian food
  • Yoga
  • The ocean
  • Sourcing locally

Pods are available directly from The Planter Pod

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Thanks to Karri for sharing her inspiration. Who is your creative hero? Share with us in the comments.